Needs v/s Wants

During every stage of our life, we have a list of Needs and list of Wants. The question is what should we prioritize? Obviously, it will be Needs. But, does that make you happy? Not always. Then how do we strike a balance between the never-ending war juggle of Needs and Wants?

Let yourself be guided by your Wants. Not Needs.

Needs have to fulfilled. But, let not your wants be ignored. Try to figure out where your wants are guiding you. And once you know the direction, try to go in that direction while you are busy fulfilling the needs.


Why Indian Husbands fail ?

Relationships are complicated.

There is no One-Size-Fits-All kind of Master Formula for Relationships

The best way to increase your probability as a good husband or wife or father or mother or….. is to do small things which would increase positivism and respect. Most of the Indian Husbands take their wives for granted. Not All, but Most. It might not be applicable for every thing but for some things it is true.

  • Putting their dry cleaned clothes in the closet
  • Serving their plates at the dinner table
  • Packing their bags for a trip
  • Cleaning their accessories like comb (or even thinking about putting them to clean)
  • Arranging cushions after getting up from the sofa
  • Making their milk (which is way easier than tea)

The list can go on forever.

Husband and Wife are dependent on each other no matter how hard they try to independent

I am not saying a Husband has to do everything a Wife does. But, if he can do even few little things then it can really boost their relationship. Marriages have to be worked out. Respect has to be maintained. Efforts have to be made constantly. So, increase the probability of a good Husband by such sweet and tiny gestures!

P.S. Wives, don’t consider yourself perfect. I will be penning down Why Indian Wives Fail? soon ūüėČ

The Lotus Phase !

There is a phase in our life when we have to stand up(thick stem) for ourselves and not let others crush us. Even though those ‘others’ are our dearest ones. It hurts when they don’t understand us and don’t care about us. It breaks you for a while. But, then a voice inside you asks you to muster courage. The mind makes a protective shield for your heart. It steps in and acts like an armor. The heart stops weeping. You become neutral(stagnant water). You stop feeling anything. You neither cry nor smile. Things stop mattering to you.¬†You don’t let yourself get crushed. The feeling has sunk in so much that in spite of all the negativity(mud) around you, you keep calm and try to move on. You try to be the person you are and keep growing. You keep blooming, like a Lotus !

Facepalm Society !

Society: You shouldn’t wear short cloths. It’s inappropriate.

I: Why so? It gives me comfort during the insanely hot summer season.

Society: Give me an example of one person who wears it.

I: I don’t need to follow an example. I can set my own examples !

*All mouths shut*

“Walk like a queen. If you don’t, someone else will.”

Pre Wedding Woes !

It’s one week to my wedding and I felt the need to write this blog. So now it’s created and here goes my first post.. Boom!

No one told me that my home would be in utter chaos when I get married.
Parents: Fighting and shouting at the top of their voices.
Parents’ friends: Trying to calm them down.
Siblings: Frustrated and trying to find a peaceful corner.
Friends: Everything is or becomes temporarily merry when they visit.
Cousins: Their biggest concern is what to wear at your wedding.
Fiance: Going through the same phase and totally clueless just like me.
I: Wishing I could call off the wedding and settle in some other country with my fiance.

All these things are so burdensome and at the same time stupidly funny. You rant, you shout.. You cry, you doubt !